2017 Year in Review

Chart Year in Review

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Understandably, in business, sales growth is the measure of a good year, so by that scale, we achieved a very good year. However, there is so much more to being a good business than just sales growth. There is an evolution that takes place everyday – new people bring in new ideas, old ways change into better ways and through listening to our partners (you, our valued customers), we keep our fingers on the pulse of the flooring industry so we can bring innovative new products and ideas into the marketplace. We have had an exciting year, and would like to share a few of our milestone 2017 moments with you:

ERPSUPPORT. This past year it became evident that in order for us to continue growing, we needed better ways to monitor our sales, our inventory, our distribution networks and how we respond to your needs. After many months of research, interviews and evaluations, we have finalized the purchase of a new Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP). This was not an inexpensive decision, but it was a necessary one because it will ultimately give you the ability to order, purchase and track product based on accurate inventory levels, costing, and logistical information. We really do believe that by giving you more control of the buying process, and by us being able to manage our end of things better, we will be able to SUPPORT you in many more ways and help you GROW with us. We will keep you posted on the progress of the ERP System implementation which should start to benefit you from early in 2018.

Hand ShakingCHANGE. As many of you know we have had changes to our staff this past year. A few long time employees, some of which were also close friends, made decisions to change directions in their lives and careers – they have moved on. We supported their decisions, thanked them for the years of loyal service and offered our support and assistance should they ever need it in the future. They helped us and we will always be grateful for their part in the success of our business.
We cannot run our business without a strong team, so new salespeople, new management personnel and new logistics staff have been added, and with them all contributing; new ideas and expertise added. They all look forward to working with you in 2018 and helping your business GROW!

Luxury modern bathroom interior with a free standing tub overlooINNOVATION. A decision was made this past year, based on the input of our sales staff and you, to introduce a new and innovative tile line of LVT flooring. We’ve always offered tiles, but the introduction of the “EZ Tile” flooring tile brand will enable us to be proactive in developing new patterns and colours in keeping pace with design trends. The new branding will also afford us an opportunity to uniquely market the tile segment of our business. We believe the new tiles will be winners in the flooring landscape and so popular with consumers that they will become a GROWING segment of your business.
Look out for an upcoming announcement as we CLEAR OUT discontinued planks and tiles marketed under previous brand names. We need to make room for our new tiles and our need could save you some money!

TC LogoSOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. This year, as our way of showing appreciation to all of you for your loyal support, and at the same time contributing to your environment, we decided to purchase $10,000 worth of White Pine seedlings from Tree Canada on your behalf. The world is changing, and a commitment towards becoming a carbon neutral company is a way of making it change a little for the better. With your help, the trees we have purchased have been committed to a tree planting initiative focused on reforestation in areas of Canada ravaged by the past year’s wild fires. Trees are the best air cleaners on the planet, so taking care of our forests, and helping to recreate them when they suffer catastrophic events, is a noble and caring way to affect CHANGE on a global scale.
Over the next few months our sales reps will be visiting to say hello. During their visit they will also be dropping off some biodegradable pens purchased from Tree Canada. The base of these pens contains White Pine seeds. We’ve included some instructions on how to plant and cultivate them into tree seedlings. Do your part to help GROW a tree, and CHANGE the world….and perhaps win a prize for the biggest and healthiest tree!