• Easy as 1-2-3-
  • Sweep, Vacuum and Damp Mop floor regularly!
  • The commercial strength polyurethane coating will protect your floor from everyday wear and tearFollow the precautions below for keeping your floor looking good for years to come.
  • Use plastic, glass or other non-staining cups with flat under surfaces not less than 2 inches in diameter for legs of heavy appliances and furniture. Use proper floor protectors on all chairs. Remove all small diameter buttons from legs of straight chairs and replace with medal glides no smaller than 1inch in diameter. Examine your protectors periodically, check for burs or debris or wear make sure the surface is smooth. Do not drag any types of furniture across your floor! Avoid rolling type caster chairs if possible. If not make sure the rollers are the double type wheels at least 2” in diameter. These precautions will prevent scratches and indentations from appearing on your floor.
  • Do not expose floor to frequent standing water and wipe up all spills quickly. Watch for tracked in dirt and grit particles. Use walk off mats at all room entrances. Do not use rubber or latex back mats. Certain chemicals in backing can stain vinyl. Use Non-staining vinyl mats or woven rugs that are colorfast.Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolong periods. The use of drapes and blinds are recommended. Direct sunlight over long period of time can cause discoloration.
  • No finishes are needed. EZFIT has a strong permanent polyurethane finish. Do not use any type of harsh detergent or solvents like lacquer thinner, abrasive cleaners or Mop and Shine type products, which can leave a film. Avoid vinegar as a cleaning agent. Use cleaners that are recommended for vinyl. Do not use vacuums with beater bars.
  • Commercial Maintenance:
  • Follow same recommendations as above. Daily sweeping, dust mopping or vacuuming will prevent dirt and grit particles from being grounded into surface of plank or tile. The amount of foot traffic will dictate you maintenance program but washing the floor by damp mopping and use of an auto scrubber should be part of the program. A cleaner suitable made for vinyl-cleaning products should be used.