Ezgrip Installation Instructions

Residential or Commercial

Before You Start
Check all boxes of flooring to ensure you have the product and colour you ordered and that all boxes are from the same production lot. The material should be allowed to acclimatize at room temperature (approx. 20 °C or 68°F) for 24 hours prior to installation.

Installation Options

1. TIGHT-FIT ™ Method
Easy do it yourself or professional installation method when you have a nice straight wall to start and finish TIGHT-FIT™ against. Both EZGrip and EZFit can be installed as a floating floor TIGHT-FIT™ against the wall. This option requires no glue or tape. TIGHT-FIT™ means tight against the wall – NO EXPANSION GAP. If your wall is not straight, you may have to scribe your first and last row to fit imprefections in the walls.

2. Tape Method
Easy do it yourself method when you don’t have straight walls to start and finish TIGHT-FIT™ against. Check the tape’s packaging and make sure it is formulated for vinyl. Some carpet tapes may damage your floor and void the warranty. Make sure the adhesion on the tape is not compromised by dust. Apply tape all around the perimeter. If in a kitchen, it is a good idea to put an X in front of the fridge.

3. Perimeter-Glue Method
This is a method preferred by installers. It is faster than TIGHT-FIT™ (no scribing) and more secure than tape. Using a paint roller or a small-notched (1/16” x 1/16”) trowel apply an 8” (20cm) wide band of pressure-sensitive adhesive around the perimeter of the room. We recommend Mapei Eco 350 or Taylor 2037. Make sure you let the adhesive dry completely. You should be able to put your hand on the glued area and get no transfer on your hand before starting. Then lay the planks or tiles nice and tight together.

4. Full Spread Method
Only required in hospitals, doctor’s and dentist offices as well as constantly moist areas such as behind bars or around pools. Apply pressure sensitive adhesive – we recommend Mapei Eco 810 or Henry’s 650, on the whole floor. Make sure you let the adhesive dry completely. Same as above.

5. Sub-floor
EZGrip and EZFit can be installed over any dry, hard and flat surface. Secondary sub-floor is rarely required. You do not have to remove existing vinyl. Over ceramic tiles, fill the grout lines with a proper levelling compound. Floor must be even within 1/8” over 4’. Make sure the floor is smooth, clean, and free of wax, grease, oil or dust.

Caution: EZGrip and EZFit are not suitable for installation over carpet.