• Why use Ezfit?

    Ezfit was designed with quality in mind. With one of the toughest wear-layers on the market today, Ezfit is built to last for generations. This tough wear-layer is the key to protecting the gorgeous patterns in this line. As well, the distinctive new backing that on Ezfit guarantees an easy installation, additional walking comfort, and an enhanced sound barrier.

  • Do I have to glue Ezfit?

    No you don’t unless it is for specific commercial applications such as hospitals, pubs, dentist offices and areas that are subjected to extensive water presence. Not that water can damage Ezfit, but it can damage the subfloor. Adhesives recommended are Mapei Eco 810 or 350, Henry’s 422 or any other good quality adhesive formulated for vinyl tiles.

  • Can I use Ezfit outside?

    No, you can't. Ezfit is not designed for exterior applications.

  • What difference is there between Ezfit and ordinary vinyl tiles?

    Ezfit will not expand, shrink, curl or crack like other tiles. This is made possible because of the construction of Ezfit. The strong fiberglass mesh at the core of Ezfit makes it 100% stable. As well, the distinctive backing provides a super grip, better comfort, and an enhanced sound barrier.

  • What holds Ezfit in place?

    Ezfit is installed tight against the walls. You do not leave gaps for expansion. We recommend using two sided tape or vinyl glue around the perimeter of the room to provide additional adherence, specially if the walls are not perfectly straight.

  • How do I cut Ezfit?

    For smaller jobs, a simple utility knife will work. Score the surface, fold the plank and cut the back. For larger jobs, it is faster and more accurate to use a miter saw or table saw. A laminate cutter works well too.

  • Can I use Ezfit over radiant heat?

    Yes. Ezfit is engineered to prevent expansion and contraction and will perform well over radiant heat.

  • Is Ezfit scratch-proof?

    Although Ezfit is highly resistant to scratches, no product is scratch-proof. Even diamonds will scratch. That is why you want to use felt pads under chairs and furniture as you should with any other flooring.

  • Will high heels leave marks on Ezfit?

    Unprotected high heels will leave marks on any floor, including wood, marble and even granite.

  • Can I install Ezfit in an unheated cabin?

    We do not recommend it. Extreme temperature variations will cause movement in the sub-floor that may result in gapping on the ends of the boards. They can be easily adjusted if this happens.

  • Will Ezfit peak, curl or bubble if I drop a glass of water on it?

    No, Ezfit is not affected by any amount of water. Standing water for extended periods of time may penetrate between the seams. Simply remove the planks in the affected area, dry the sub-floor and re-install the planks. Your cost is $0.00.