Case Study: Flood

Office Flood

Few months ago there was a flood in our office. The water started dripping from the HVAC at night and when our staff arrived in the morning few rooms where already covered with water. After the restoration team arrived they mopped our floor, installed dryers and left. Luckily we had our products installed in our entire office.

This was a good opportunity for us to test what we sell and for our new staff to understand the benefits of having loose-lay flooring. We simply took a plunger and removed our EZFit Earl Grey flooring for the wet subfloor to dry. In two days we placed it back and have forgotten about the flood. End of story.

No costs for removing, replacing and installing a new floor. And we’ve had this installed for years (you can see our older planks didn’t have backing). So, just another benefit of choosing loose lay LVT flooring. Happy long weekend!