A great testimonial from a happy customer!


A great testimonial from a happy customer in Ardrossan, AB!

“I was really impressed with how quick and easy it was to install the EZ Lay vinyl flooring. The two of us were able to install the entire 1200 square foot basement within a weekend.

Without the need for a saw the installation process was very clean as well. There is no saw dust, and no need to go outside to make cuts. There was also very little waste with this product, which made the total cost even lower than I had expected.

The finished floor looks great and is very nice to walk on. It has a nice texture and with all the colours available I was able to find a good match to the rest of the house. It remains warmer than most hard surface floors I have seen and does not have the echo that laminates can have.

Being able to install it in the bathroom was a bonus as well. This meant there was no transition to another surface in any of the rooms, which gives a nice clean look.

I am very happy with both the look and feel of this product as well as how easy it was to install. I would recommend that anyone doing a renovation, basement development, or building a home take a look at EZ Lay Flooring.”

Product Used: EZ Fit Tiramisu