What our clients are saying about us.

I have installed most of the main floor of my moms house with the (EZFit Brown Sugar). She is really happy with it. She is impressed by how realistic it looks, how warm it is, easy to keep clean, she can even wear her chore boots on it or throw a new calf on it to warm up without worrying about damage or cleanup. It was easy to install. I put some scratches in it and they hide really well. After living in a house that’s under "construction" for the last 5 years, its great to see her happy with a part of the house. She said it finally feels like a home. Just wanted to say thanks so much.
We installed Ezgrip in our Laundromat. We had a flood and had to remove 30 square feet of the flooring. We dried the floor under the Ezgrip. Wiped down the Ezgrip and laid it back down. Absolutely no damage to the floor. It was easy. Had we used laminate or hardwood, we would have had to replace it with new product. We liked the flooring so much, we decided to start selling it.
Jim Cordina, Laundry Valet
As I told you, it took me all day and into the evening Friday, but I did it all by myself. What you need to know about the "all by myself" part is that I am nearly 65, a retired teacher and a grandma. My 2 granddaughters - independent of each other - asked if I maybe needed to "cover" it with something so they wouldn't get slivers! Two professional floor guys are here right now do the prep to lay hardwood on the third level (house is a 4 level split). I showed them my work and they were impressed with the floor and how great it looks (and the job I did!). They said my "cuts" were great. Not that there were many. But what spatial thinking I needed to employ nearly ruptured some out of use brain cells around the stairs! I may send you a picture of that too. Anyway, all said and done, it WAS "easy" and definitely a do-it-yourselfer. As they say - if *I* can do it anybody can. Thank you for all your time and assistance. Many people are interested in the product and impressed that someone like me can do this. The guys I hired to move the couch and chair down were so impressed one took a cut piece and wanted to know where to get it!
We have the flooring in many of our Paws&Claws stores. We get comments all the time from customers telling us how nice the floors are and how they really appear to be wood. I also have noticed a difference in comfort when I stand on the flooring for long periods. It looks great and is easy to clean, we will continue to use this flooring in all of our stores!
Suzanne Murdoch, Regional VP
I can’t tell you how thrilled we are with our EZ lay flooring. We installed Ezgrip loose lay vinyl planks in the entire downstairs of our newly renovated home three years ago, and it still looks as good as the day we put it in. It was quick, inexpensive and easy to install, no glue needed….. and we were able to put it directly on top of the old floor, which was anything but even! With a big dog and 3 kids and their friends running through the rooms it has taken a ton of wear and tear, but has stood up perfectly. Two planks got damaged when we dragged the washer over them, but we just replaced them with 2 new planks….just like that! The kids come in and out of the indoor pool and outdoor hot tub, splash water on the vinyl planks and we just wipe them off. The floor is quiet to walk on, warm and very comfortable. We absolutely love it, and would recommend it to everyone. In fact we already have and my friends love it too now that they have installed it as well!
Sharka and Mark